Profile of College of Civil Engineering

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The College of Civil Engineering, the former Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, was founded in 1959. The college was set up on the base of the department in August 1998. The College of Civil Engineering and Architecture was renamed as the College of Civil Engineering in May 2006 after the College of Architecture was established independently.

After 50 years of construction and development, especially in the past 10 years, the college is well developed with keeping rapid growing.  It consists of seven departments, including the department of building engineering, the department of road and bridge engineering, the department of water conservancy and hydropower and harbor engineering, the department of municipal engineering, the department of transportation engineering, the department of engineering management, and the department of rail and underground engineering. It offers six undergraduate majors, including civil engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, transportation engineering, traffic transportation, water supply and sewerage engineering and engineering management. Among them, the civil engineering is the national featured specialty. Several scientific research institutes are established, which include the institute of structural engineering, the institute of bridge and tunnel engineering, the institute of geotechnical engineering, the institute of disaster prevention and mitigation engineering, Fujian earthquake and disaster research center of civil engineering, the sustainable and innovative bridges engineering research center of Fujian Province University, and the state-local joint earthquake and disaster information technology research center of civil engineering. The college has 1 doctoral degree program for the first-level discipline and post-doctoral research station of civil engineering and 8 doctoral degree programs for the secondary disciplines, including structural engineering and so on. There are 2 master’s degree programs for the first-level disciplines, including civil engineering and water conservancy, and 12 master’s degree programs for the secondary disciplines, such as structural engineering and so on. Approximately 490 undergraduate students, 130 master candidates, 15 doctoral candidates and 60 master candidates for engineering and education are admitted in the college every academic year.

The college gets national support for the key discipline of structural engineering (tentative), a “211 Project” national key discipline of new technology and disaster prevention and mitigation in civil engineering, Fujian advantageous discipline innovation platform of sustainable engineering, earthquake and disaster, Fujian featured key discipline of civil engineering and Fujian key discipline of civil engineering and water conservancy.  Structural engineering laboratory is the key laboratory of Fujian Provincial University, and the laboratory center of civil engineering is a national demonstration center for experimental teaching.